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Is it sunny where you are?


Pixlr-o-matic: Dog Shots

I got the Pixlr-o-matic photo app about a month ago and I can’t stop taking pictures of dogs. They look real good with filters and effects. I definitely like this app better than Instagram. My only issue with this app is that there is no feature to lighten photos. Notice the photo above of that blond looking longingly into the distance — its pretty dark. It would have been nice to let her colors glow more. Also, how do you feel about sparkles? Those two lover Dachshunds are the second photo I used this effect on, and some seem to think its silly. Do you?

Please write your argument for or against sparkles in the comments below.

A very hilarious sign from Seattle


A sweet sign at Bi-Rite


This is so neato!

Los Peep

Here are a few images from a tattered 1930s scrapbook documenting a roller derby event in Oakland, California. Derbyists include Mary Youpelee (a “full-blooded Indian princess”), Ivy King (aka “Poison” Ivy), Ma Bogash and her son Bill, Grace Freid, Hazel Roop, and Honey Thomas. Also, fan W.C. Fields. You’ll find the entire scrapbook in pdf facsimile at the bottom of this post. Now move outta the damn way, Ma, before I knock you on your keester!



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Summer Nights at the Oakland Museum of California

On Friday I went to the Oakland Museum of California for their Summer nights event. On the last Friday of the month, between April and October, admission to the museum is half price and there is a lot to see! I really enjoyed All of Us or None: Social Justice Posters of the San Francisco Bay Area, an exhibit that showcased screen prints and lithographs that were used in the area to publicize social justice issues.

My favorite poster was an image of Joan Baez sitting on a couch next to her two sisters, with a fiddle hanging from the wall on the left and a guitar hanging from the wall on the right. The slogan reads, “GIRLS SAY YES to boys who say NO,” and it was used as part of the Vietnam draft resistance. I like this poster because when I first read the slogan I thought it was some kind of abstinence propaganda, and then I noticed who the woman was on the left and saw that it was positioned amidst other draft resistance posters. Campaigns where women leverage their sexuality for a cause are intriguing and can be tricky, but in this case I think its pretty witty. (Here is an interesting blog post by a Well-Dressed Feminist on the poster).

These days the Bay Area is still seeing lots of imagery, most recently about the Occupy Movement. Have you seen any of Jon-Paul Bail’s posters around? Check out this video of him making Hella Occupy Oakland posters:

Bagel Face

Methods for eating the peanut butter first.

Unicorn Tears

Sometimes I look at this bottle that sits on my bookshelf and wonder: what makes a unicorn cry?


For to Write

Standing desk. Cait says, “creative space.”

An essay by my league-mate, Slamlet.


The following is an essay I wrote during October of 2011. It inspired me to start this blog (later than expected, but still). You can read a little more about this in my initial post.

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I have something to say about the 2011 ESPN Body Issue. And believe it or not, I’m not raising protest decrying the—gasp!—nudity. I get it—the nudity plays a part in the way this project achieves its goal. It’s actually done really tastefully. What I’m after is more complex and less obvious.

I was led to believe this project was meant to…

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