Learning to Letterpress @SFCB

by allthingsace

Over the past few years inspired by the work of my friends Arley-Rose and Morgan, the creative geniuses behind Ladyfingers Letterpress. In the spirit of their work and my own interest in learning how to make books, I decided to take a letterpress workshop at the San Francisco Center for the Book. The workshop, a three-hour intro to letterpress, went over the types of presses, basic typesetting and printing techniques.

We did a group project where we typeset a word or phrase that works with the theme, “Dog Days of Summer.” Everyone put their type on the printer and we ran it through to create a list of all of our phrases. It was kind of a nice surprise to see the finished product and take it home!


If you are interested in learning about letterpress, I’d definitely recommend this introductory workshop. At just $40, its not too much to pay to test the craft and get an idea of what printing is all about. Also, I would definitely suggest taking any class with Adam Ewing, I thought he was great — really soft-spoken, yet informative with a dry sense of humor that keeps you engaged.