Getting Flaxible

by allthingsace

It has been three months since my last post. In that time I have gotten a new job and I have moved to San Francisco. Earlier this week I went to Whole Foods with my roommate and made a little photo collection of one of my favorite things, FLAX. Did you know there were this many ways to use it?

Without further ado, flax, and two variations on its form as well as the word:

Flaxmilk. I guess if you can soak it, you can drain it and drink it. I’m skeptical about the texture.

Give it up for Flackers! Cheeky. The word makes me think of insurance, but I admire this bold move on the part of the company’s marketing team.

Flax seeds, just doing their thing in the bulk aisle. Love it.

Keep it regular folks.