“Oh, hello cupcake,” and a video

by allthingsace

There is ongoing banter between a co-worker and myself about the recent hijacking by TSA of a cupcake. TSA snatched the cupcake, which was being transported via jam jar, because the icing qualified as a “gel-like substance,” and exceeded the amount allotted for a carry-on item.

Today, TSA defended their actions in a blog post.

Every officer wants to finish their shift and go home with the peace of mind that they kept potential threats off of airplanes… This incident may seem like a silly move to many of our critics, but when we can’t be exactly sure of what something is, every officer has the discretion to not allow it on the plane. This is done purely for the safety of everyone traveling.

Peace of mind, or piece of cake?

Since this story was reported my co-worker and I continue to send mouth-watering images of cupcakes to one another, in jest.

Today, the day of TSA’s defense, she sent me the most amazing video I had never seen. I’d like to share it with you now.