UPDATE: @OccupyOakland raided, shut down

by allthingsace

This morning OPD cleared protestors from Frank Ogawa Park, displacing them and tearing down over 100 tents that made up the demonstration. The Oakland Tribune has all the details of the raid, which began around 4am this morning when protestors began packing up their camps as OPE gathered in preparation to close in on the camp.

5:25 a.m. Camp deserted as police walk through

The Occupy Oakand camp is looking desolate, abandoned. A police helicopter is hovering overhead, shining a light and annoucing over a speaker that anyone there must leave now. But there’s no one in the tents, it seems empty. There are some people nearby, lingering near the police line on the plaza.

It seems about 30-40 tents were taken down in anticipation of the raid. Police have surrounded plaza at this point. There have been no reports of violence or police skirmishes with protesters.

What happens now?

Will Quan step down, as people are asking her to?

Will Occupy Oakland relocate?

Watch a live feed from @OakFoSHo of