Artist/Journalist @Susie_c arrested #OO

by allthingsace

Boing Boing just brought @Susie_C to the attention of culture geeks everywhere in this article about her recent arrest. @Susie_c and about 30 other journalists (w/ press passes) and legal observers were arrested around 1am on Thursday morning — the morning following the shutdown of the Port of Oakland.

If you live in Oakland and you aren’t already following @Susie_c it is time to start. She’s been on the frontline drawing and writing about @OccupyOakland life and her twitter feed is a real page-turner.

Susie Cagle’s blog captures some broad strokes of the movement through illustrations and writing. Cagle is a comic artist who recently received full funding through to create An Illustrated History of Occupy Oakland Here is her plan:

I have been drawing and speaking with people at the occupied camps since day one. (You can see a sample of one of my quick sketches as the photo here.) I will be turning those raw drawings and interviews into a graphic series that aims not to delineate demands or boil down this national movement, but to provide an immersive document of a unique and exciting point in time.

Thanks for all of your great work Susie!

And now what you have all been waiting for… here is the raw footage Susie took moments before being arrested last week.