#Occupy propaganda found @OccupyTogether

by allthingsace

Consider this post a great blank wall, and I am going to plaster it with propaganda, for support, for fun.

While the media may be confused about the message of #OWS as Dahlia Lithwick points out, I am enjoying all of the sinage (the message?) coming out of the movement. The #OccupyBoston site piqued my interest in posting a few good flyers and more downloadable flyers can be found on the #OccupyTogether site.

Can you find a message?

Poster by Raina Dayne

From this flyer it is apparent that this is a self-conscious movement. #Occupy knows the media is watching and ignoring them. By staying self-conscious the movement is acknowledging the power of the media on the social consciousness. Good thing we have The Daily Show, particularly to question the police response in Oakland last week, and The Colbert Report, for insight from the streets.

Poster by Eric

Straight-up — call to action. This woman is clearly in a rush indicating that participation in this movement is urgent. Have you participated? Will you?

Poster by Fabian

This flyer is graphically poignant, as heavy and bold as the actual sculpture in Philadelphia’s Love Park. I hope they make this a stamp, soon or as a way of historicizing the enormity of the #Occupy movement.

Poster by Chelsea W

Nothing speaks more universally than the heart. We all have one, we all want access to one; ours or someone elses. This image of an anatomical heart speaks to a current aesthetic that values the literal while still getting sentimental about the reality of a human connection. Also, I think I’ve seen someone with this tattooed on their chest.

Also, Buzzfeed took notice of the 50 best signs from #Occupy Wall Street about a month ago. Their images of hand-written signs are an interesting way to inform yourself of what this movement is about. I especially think this documentation, which is early on in the movement respectively, illustrates the magnetism of the #Occupy movement. For example, the sign that reads, “You know things are messed up when Librarians start marching,” — typewriter font text pasted to the same poster board we all used through middle school. It is hard to read into this sign any more than, the Librarians are marching because, given their position to society — as stewards of information, culture and education — they have a unique connection with and responsibility to the public. Without getting too introspective on the role of a librarian in society, I’d say librarians have a sixth sense about the gravity of these things, and their support brings a willfully silent voice to the table. Are you a librarian? What does this sign mean exactly? (Here’s looking at your Foxy Renard!)

One interpretation of the seemingly incomprehensible message (and looking for a singular message may be the biggest mistake of all) of the movement could be that there is a large number of tangential issues that the big issue (the 1%) is affecting. Or maybe this is a movement that is inviting other causes to join only to discover who is left with nothing to fight for.