#Occupy the streets, general strike in Oakland

by allthingsace

On Monday the Board of Supervisors’ City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee approved a resolution that would allow the #OccupySF protestors to set-up a campsite without the threat of a police shut down. The current #OccupySF base is located at Justin Herman Plaza on the Embarcadero, a stone’s throw away from the Federal Reserve Bank, where police shut them down two weeks ago. The resolution carries with it political ramifications pertaining to the San Francisco mayoral race that is now hosting 16 competitors. Critics of the resolution contend that this measure would relinquish too much control from city officials, that it is merely a temptation for political cotenders to rally support.

Every day it is becoming more clear how powerful this movement is. The fact that this group has become a target for mayoral candidates seeking support is testament to the large role that the #occupy movement is taking on in America. The rest is left to be seen, and you can read it here.

Meanwhile, across the bay #OccupyOakland is moving into the limelight. Protestors are gearing up for a general strike, which could be a huge step for the movement, and a significant moment in our nation’s history. The #Occupy Oakland website describes the strike:

We believe this general strike is an inspiring example of the type of people power that can grow in this moment.  The strike will show that it really is the majority of us who work hard to run our society, and to clean up the messes created by greedy banks, gold-digging investors and polluting corporations.

The Strike also comes as a response to the police brutality that has been seen across the nation, but particularly in Oakland.

Tension continues to grow between the Oakland police and city officials. Today the Oakland Police Association sent a letter to Mayor Quan questioning her decision to increase security during the strike, while she also encourages protestors to speak out. Mayor Quan’s wishy-washy approach to the #Occupy movement will no doubt be challenged tomorrow as frustrated police attempt to comply with scatter-brained officials and fierce protestors.

I heard from a teacher-friend that the Berkeley teacher’s union will be joining the march at the port around 4pm. Tomorrow’s call to strike is paving a road for many groups who may not already have joined the movement to show up and show their support. I’ll look forward to a report from her!