Leave #Occupy alone; #Occupy follow the rules

by allthingsace

Yesterday the Associated Press reported that while the police are coming down hard on some #Occupycities, other cities are having a more communal relationship with the police and city officials. Cities who have encountered the hard back hand of the law, including Oakland, CA, New York, Nashville, Tenn., and now add Denver, Colo., have watched their compatriots hit in the head with gas bombs and shot with rubber bullets, not to mention dragged like the dead of war across their own city streets and into prisons, but in fact THIS IS NOT A WAR. It is merely pride that enables the Oakland police chief to defend the actions, rather, the gratuitous force used on Tuesday night.

Today in Denver, Colo police poke, mace and shoot rubber bullets at protestors:

Tonight as Oakland marches in solidarity for Denver, just as New York marched for Oakland after Tuesday’s skirmish, it is worth recognizing those cities whose leaders and watchdogs have supported the protestors and have resisted brutality since the beginning.

In Philadelphia, truly the city of brotherly love in this case, Mayor Nutter hugs and converses with the protestors at a overnight visit.

In Portland, Ore — “sleep till eleven, you’ll be in heaven” — an officer describes the #occupy event as “peaceful,” stating the police were involved in the planning of the event.

The cities who are actively working with #Occupy protestors, are doing the hardest job of all. Continuing to uphold the negotiation that as long as protestors follow the rules, their right will be respected is worth-while. For law enforcement to maintain composure in a position of power is not only a testament to the empathy and humanity of these city officials, but also the greatest illustration of upholding the constitution, that is, of enforcing the right to free speech.