Speaking of cavalier edits at the Wall Street Journal

by allthingsace

Feeling a bit insecure about last night’s post, insecure insofar as I believe the post articulates ideas with no support, that is of course why I included “thoughts” in the title of the post.
Regardless, tonight I was looking to see if there exists a mannual that might address the situation. That is, what is the standard for correcting or changing print publications. Basically a mannual to answer the question, how do you alert readers that there was a change in past content. Alright, still widdling away here… The question being, does this situation qualify as literally re-writing history?
Anyway Wordyard suggests that the Wall Street journal’s street cred is draining, and that was May 2010.
Without street cred I think the Wall Street Journa’s capacity to change history is shallow.
Here’s hoping.