Wall Street Journal error and other thoughts on political media

by allthingsace

It is late, but I wanted to mention some things briefly.
After hearing this story on NPR’s, On The Media I am frustrated by the journalists who would let this happen. One day you post something, the next day it is wrong and so you just erase it and re-write it. Maybe if you are writing an academic report this is beneficial, but even if you take a test, the answer you submit is the answer you are marked by. I believe the same goes for journalism. If a publication writes something online one day, particularly an arbitrary accusation with regard to the recent Oslo attacks, I believe it is necessary to follow the same practice as print journalism and make a correction or an Editor’s note.
Additionally, after hearing this story I feel hard-pressed to mention two things. First, Fox News is a decidedly republican media platform. And second, news agents have identified, again a lack of protest from democrats, this time with respect to the debt crisis decision (here is an interesting Timeline from the Washington Post).
It seems to me that the reason the voices of the democrats are not being heard might perhaps be because the closest thing to a media platform for the Democratic party is MSNBC, which explicitly aims at being nonpartisan. Therefore, the media platform for democrats is nil; while party lines are hard drawn at the moment, I am hopeful that the alleged muted voice of the political right will find a media outlet powerful enough to talk back to Fox news and blow the whistle on the bozos inventing media protocol on the spot at the Wall Street Journal.

In the original post the debt crisis decision was described as imminent. As of 8pm on July 31 a decision was made and so this descriptor has been omitted from the text.