I think I am in love (again)

by allthingsace

After watching the final episode of Misfits season 1, when Nathan stands atop the community center to proclaim that this, THIS, “this,” is the greatest generation ever to have walked the planet, it started. The flame from my high school angst was rekindled and all I could think to do was get more stoned and find something to destroy. After a few tokes, my energy quelled, the sea parted and it became evident that I did not want to be back in high school, I did not really want to destroy anything, (because everything in my house I have worked for, unlike in high school) I just had a crush on Robert Sheehan. Sheehan, is the man; he is the archetype to fuel revolution, while simultaneously maintaining a rude yet charming wit. Who doesn’t want to be a part of change and have a sense of humor while doing it?
With this in mind I have done some digging and with the help of an even more technically minded mole I am now watching Killing Bono. So far so good. Here’s a trailer for you even though I am sure there will be an American knock-off film: