Sick of the Radio Art Writing

by allthingsace

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In order to stimulate my frequent writer’s block I read books. That is what I have been doing since this blog went silent. While writer’s block may be okay for someone on their own writing timetable, I have been furiously reading, Writing About Visual Art by David Carrier to continue quasi-consistentwriting for Sick of the Radio.
This morning the wonderful editors at Sick of the Radio posted a few of my reviews for your reading and viewing pleasure. Below is a little personal note on each of them.

1. Chris Fraser-So Fraser is a friend I met playing trivia at Cato’s. I had to work the night of his opening and I have yet to visit the exhibit. I look forward to doing so in the very near future!
2. Cosima von Bonin– This is one of my favorite pieces of my own writing, which really doesn’t happen that often and since there are very few comments on the art section of the Sick of the Radio blog, I figured I’d give myself a pat on the back for this one. Please comment if your views on the post conflict.
3. Pierre Botardo– To be honest, it is nice to see collage art once and a while, even if it seems a bit banal.
4. Rashaad Newsome– This guy is a jack-of-all trades when it comes to artistic mediums. Additionally, his interest in heraldry is very dear to my heart, being the self-proclaimed Anglo-phile that I am.

Cheers to visual art.