Never Let Me Go, when will you be in theaters?

by allthingsace

I finished reading Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, only to find out that the film release date of September 15, 2010, was only in 4 select theaters! Providence, of course was not one of those selected.
In any case, while the fact that the children at Hailsham are clones was cause for a “spoiler alert,” it was not the most compelling element of the novel.
The novel highlights the connection between creativity and the soul. Tommy, the boy from Hailsham who was not very creative as a child, initiates the momentum for the novel to explore the idea that creativity is a window into the soul. When the children at Hailsham were relocated to the Cottages they were introduced to the idea that Madame could offer couples who were truly in love a deferment period, in which to share their lives together before becoming donors. Tommy’s relationship with Ruth was one of the relationships could have be a candidate for acquiring deferment. However, Tommy, not being the creative type, began to theorize that since he was not creative at Hailsham there would be no evidence for Madame to believe that he had a soul and could therefore be in love. In terms of Tommy and Ruth, because of Tommy’s shortfall, the idea of the deferment was never tested.
It is Tommy’s theory about art and the soul that produces the most interesting conversations between Tommy and Kathy H. For what it is worth, and because the novel is quite digestible, easy to pick up, hard to put down– I would definitely suggest reading Never Let Me Go.
Here is a clip of Kazuo Ishiguro discussing the novel for further introspection.