Adieu, Kafe Lila.

by allthingsace

As many may already know, Kafe Lila will be closing her doors this weekend. Luckily, I had the wonderful opportunity to work at such a beautiful place, and in return Kafe Lila brought very many wonderful people into my life, including but not limited to, Alfred, Karen, Caitlin, Jen, Yavid, the filmmaker guy, the 7am-small coffee-no tip guy, “Cheif” salad guy, Vegan Vic, the stitch and bitches, and all the other wonderful characters that found their way into the Kafe.
I will encourage Karen to let me draft a copy of a novel that recounts the trials and tribulations of being a boss, a friend, a townie and a business owner in the town of Pawtucket. Until then, sweet fair well Kafe Lila.

Kafe Lila will be having a yard sale this Saturday June 12 starting at 9am. Get a souvenir of the place, or a whole couch.