Rats win the home season opener

by allthingsace

Providence, RI- Last Saturday’s bout was one of Providence Roller Derby’s most cut throat home season bouts in a long time. But Providence is all about giving the fans what they want–keeping them on the edges of their seats and showing off the athleticism of the great sport of Roller Derby.
The Sakonnet River Roller Rats gave a stand-out intro performance that told the crowd they were the champions last year and they are back this year to hang on to their title.
At the half the River Rats were 8 points behind, creeping back from a 24 point deficit in the first jam. Jetta Von Diesel of the Old Money Honey’s continued to rack up major points, keeping the Rats scurrying behind.

Rats Captain, Kid Ace, said that her plan for even steven line-ups, and putting everyone in to jam was not going to cut it. “The Honeys are prepared and they are firing away out there, giving us a run for our whiskers,” she commented.
With the incredibly cool and collected assistance of bench managers Wicked Stella and Desire Die-r, the line-ups were re-worked, sending Craisy Dukes, Trophy Knife and Kid Ace out to the jammer line to bring the score back up, putting the Rats at a safe distance over the Honey’s within the first 10 minutes of the second half. Outstanding newbie Ruca A. Salt showed off her booty blocking skills while newbie jammer Slice Cakes gave it her all a number of times during the second half, no doubt learning the true meaning of steadfast determination.
As was desperately needed, commander in chief and All-Star pivot HotSauce made some serious contributions towards the Rats victory. Also pivoting for the Rats on Saturday was Hot Apple Cry, a recent addition to the Riveter’s bouting roster, Cry is proving herself on the track, stepping up to the tape to lead the Rat pack.
It is hard to say what will happen when the Rats go up against the Mob in October. Unfortunately they will be losing Slammerella to Arakansas in July. The loss of this second year Rat will not doubt impact their gameplay, assessing their adjustment to this loss is a discussion for another post.
All of the Rats played an outstanding game.
“I could not be more pleased with the outcome of this bout,” were Ace’s final words.
Photographers have documented the bout:
Greg Easton Photography

A word from Ace:
Thank you to our over 600 audience members!