Do you, Amy, want to go to college?

by allthingsace

San Francisco plans for groundbreaking education initiative
I recently stumbled across a website for a non-profit organization called Street Side Stories. The organization, in San Francisco, promotes literacy skills in elementary and middle schools through programs that assist students in developing their voice by writing stories. Their blog is completely heartwarming and I especially liked when they posted this video:

Then what to my wandering eyes should appear upon my google reader screen this Friday morn, but an article detailing a new college savings program to begin under Mayor Gavin Newsom; the program saves money for all students in San Francisco schools.
Newsom’s quote from the San Francisco Gate speaks perfectly to the mission of education equality and proactivity towards achieving it, “I believe that every single child should be born not necessarily into wealth, but into opportunity.”
Despite the state of the economy, local government has partnered up with EARN who has agreed to match a $100 savings amount from parents throughout the first year of this program. I especially enjoy this sentiment, that the articles author identifies, “Proponents say the initial investment is dwarfed by the payback: creating a workforce able to compete in an increasingly global economy, helping pull people out of poverty and lessening the pressure on social services.” Read More.
My point here is that it is really nice to see the city speak and then be represented appropriately by their city officials.