Rats are getting ready for the May 29 bout.

by allthingsace

The Rats are getting everything in order, gearing up for their bout on May 29 when they go head to head with the Old Money Honeys to defend their Champion status.

Green, hot pink and black have returned as this year’s Rat colors, and uniforms have been ripped, torn and sewn to perfection. Here are a few photos on Maul E. Flickr. It was also a celebration of the birth of one Miss Hot Apple Cry!

On Sunday night the Rats sported their garments for the annual team photo shoot. It was my half brilliant, half impulsive urge to have our photo taken at a bar. Luckily, this vision came to fruition thanks to our newbies and bartenders Miss Mary Slayne and Lady Slice Cakes. Southside Annie’s was so gracious to allow us to use their bar. We also got all star photographer Coco Michaels for the shoot. That girl can not only take awesome and outrageous photos, she can also hold her liquor- it goes without say there was some major bonding, always a good thing when it comes to getting teamy.
Michaels is currently in the middle of a massive editing project, trying to get the photos in by the Friday deadline. There is a preview of her work at the top of this post.