Pictures and Intros

by allthingsace

(Photo Credit: Kimberly Caron)
Everyone knows the most important part of the home season is the team photo and the intro song. The Rats are furiously piecing together the final details for the team photoshoot, stitching our uniforms, conceptualizing space and lighting, but most importantly brainstorming make-up/war-paint face decor.
Outside our choice location for the 5 of May, Lili Marlene’s on Atwell’s, Shamblock, Graveheart and I practiced some photo poses. A few Honey’s and Mobster Captain, Hit and Run Paulene aka from now on Harpie (she’s the one in the hat), moved in on our shesh, but we still got a few good shots to work with before the big picture day.

As for our intro song, it would be nice to put in a few A-list dance moves to complete the whole intro moment. I will illustrate a few things to keep in mind when picking these few moves:

1. The 2009 box office smash Fired Up! uses an intro “dance;” this technique shows the true depth and breath of the movie’s protagonists. Viewers are momentarily tricked into thinking they are actually on the set of a dance performance as pretty girls seamlessly shift from choreography to impromptu stretches. Let’s aim to leave our protagonists, in this case the whole audience, just as wow-ed!

2. Of course nobody can forget the first moment when they saw Jon Heder strut his stuff during