Look what I found

by allthingsace

Last night I heard that Dave Segal was running for Patrick Kennedy’s seat. Could it be? Would Dave shift into local political overdrive like this, and run in the Democratic Primary?
For those of you who were asleep in 7th grade social studies class, like myself, a brief refresher:
Primary elections are a uniquely American practice where the government conducts elections on behalf of the political parties– that is, the government allows political parties to have elections where the public have the opportunity to choose their party representative. Without a primary election the nomination of party candidates arrives from the party organization itself, it does not include the public in its decision.
Will Segal try to land himself in the seat as Rhode Island’s democratic representative in the House of Representatives? I hope so, but I guess Dave is not going to even try without letting the people speak.
This sort of feels like a meta-primary election; a primary for the primary, perhaps answering the question for Dave: “If I run do I have a descent chance of winning?” Fair enough, cast your vote.
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