ECE: Challenge Bouts

by allthingsace

ECE will be my first bout playing with Riveter’s this 2010 season. There is a lot to plan for when deciding to go to ECE. Today the challenge bouts were announced. This year there was such a large demand for challenge teams– that is, teams with wacky themes that play a 30 minute “challenge bout,” that there had to be a drawing! Not only did there have to be a drawing but the challenge bouts were split into two categories, “Fun Challenges,” and “Serious Challenges.” I was hoping that the Killah Bees, Providence’s B-team would make the cut to play a serious challenge, but alas they didn’t. I guess the Riveter’s are lucky they made the draw earlier this year.
Without further-a-do, here is the list of challenge bouts just released:

Fun Challenges:
– Hillbillies vs. Hoodrats
– The Vagine Regime 1 vs. The Vagine Regime 2
– Goths vs. Hipsters
– Mods vs. Rockers
– Fig NEWtons vs. Chocolate Chip Rookies
– 4Eyes vs. SpecLess
– Italians vs. Latinas
– Dems vs. Non-Dems
– Mario vs. Luigi
– Holy Rollers vs. Hurlscouts
– Team Glamazon vs. Short Bus
– Team Jew vs. Team Goy

Serious Challenges:
– Carolina Bootleggers 1 vs. Carolina Hurticanes 1
– Jersey Shore Roller Girls 1 vs. CT RollerGirls
– Ft. Laudidolls vs. Diamond State Roller Girls
– Garden State Rollergirls Iron Maidens vs. Carolina Hurticanes 2
– GGRD Wall Street Traitors vs. Carolina Bootleggers 2
– Long Island Roller Rebels vs. Jersey Shore Roller Girls 2
– The Jersey Brawl vs. Cape Fear Roller Girls
– Dutchland Blitz vs. Suburbia Backyard Bullies
– Jersey Shore Roller Girls 3 vs. GGRD Meat Packing District

Here are some pictures from the NERD challenge bout that Trophy Knife and I played in together. Challenge bouts are fun…too bad I won’t be playing in any.