Drafting: First Draft

by allthingsace

Picking or being picked; what position would you rather be in?
That is the question.

Trading or even thinking about trading teammates is like picking a scab off the inside of your nostril-
Painful and

Inevitably, this year the teams are going to change. It feels especially emotional being on this side of the fence.

Newbies, heed this warning. Do not quit, it only makes teaming harder. Commitment is so important for a successful home season.

Vets, I respect you all for the hard work and dedication you have for this league. It makes all the difference in the world to have a dedicated, responsible and mature vet to work side by side with both on and off the track.

I wish I could spend time right now acknowledging all of the points that Sally, Harpie and I spoke about last night, but alas our golden rule is confidentiality during this process. Sally said something last night that was really inspiring, with respect to the fact that participating in a league full of strong personalities, one must always be aware of the fact that, “You are in charge of your own experience.” True wisdom, such as this nugget, is joyful misery.

A Craisy Dukes once said, “This (teaming) will be the hardest thing you will do all season.”