Muscle Memories and Teaming

by allthingsace

My muscles have no memories it seems of playing roller derby 5 months ago. Practice is very challenging, last night I fell right on my knee, in the first half of practice, which put me out for the rest of practice. The area above my knee is swollen and a bit discolored. There is pain, but not enough to keep me off of it for more than a few days.

Even though the knee is sore, it was good to sit out and watch practice, scope out the newbies, especially because teaming is happening TONIGHT!

Captains will be meeting tonight to decide the fate of every single skater in the league- that is, captains will be teaming tonight. This year all of the captain are new to the spotlight, this should be an interesting/long process.
Disclaimer: All comments posted here are subject to change.
It seems pretty clear that the captains this year, Sally Riot, Hit and Run Paulene and Kid Ace (yours truely) will be heading up the teams they played for last year. It is my priority to stay true to green. During the process of teaming, which may take just tonight but may also take until next week, all discussions will be kept completely confidential.

Some things to think/gossip about are the following:
Skaters not returning from the Rats:
Machete Betty
Violent Vixxen
Desire Die’r

Skaters not returning to the Mob Squad:
Bunnicula (injured)
DaSilva Bullet
Elle Razor
Alice Rumbledore

Skaters not returning to the Old Money Honeys:
Sass E. McNasty
Whip Tease
Burnin’ Helen
Barbie Bituate

Stay tuned for the final roster announcement!