First night back in months

by allthingsace

Tonight I went to Riveter’s practice for the first time in over 3 months. It hasn’t been since October, since the CT bout in Providence that I played with the Riveters. That makes almost 5 months!

There are a lot of good things happening. The Riveters team has changed; some additions include, Hot Apple Cry, Maul E. Crue, Cindy Lou Screw, Robin DaPoints and Sis Boom Bonnie.

Practicing so late gives me a burst of energy that keeps me up until this ungodly hour, its is 1:30am. My bones are going to be sore tomorrow.

Over the weekend I was looking up Roller Derby videos and I found a series of videos about derby skills. One of the skills was endurance, and I was all, “of course you have to have endurance!” Her mantra, which has been running through my head every day was, “To build endurance you have to skate everyday.” I would include the video in this post, but this is actually the most important part of the video, other than that the skater presenting the information is too contrived and her lines are not very well rehearsed. But it is true, there is no runner’s endurance without running, there is no yoga endurance without doing yoga, and true to form there is no roller derby endurance without roller skating. Good thing we have practice 4 times a week. I think this will take more than a week to get accustomed to. Tonight my feet were slipping out from under me, and I was falling flat on my back. I cannot wait to go to Shannah’s class tomorrow and stretch out this spine tomorrow.

The season has already started so I will need to take extra care to make the most of my two weekly hours with the Riveter’s. Exciting!