Teaching Yoga at the Red Tent

by allthingsace

Yesterday, Victoria Lockard and I performed some karma yoga, providing 20-30 minute yoga sessions to ladies who attended Providence’s V-Day event. The event, which aims to spread awareness about violence against women, in an attempt to end violence against women, offered wellness across the board. From manicures, to kickboxing, tall flutes filled with rosey colored champagne as well as the opportunity to sit in a red tent and talk about the joys/hardships, wonders/terrors of being a woman yesterday, tomorrow and today.
Victoria and I spent a few hours sharing our practice with anyone and everyone who wandered into our little space. Since I can count the number of times I have taught a class on one hand, it was really wonderful to participate in this event with Victoria who is very well versed in her teaching and extremely inspiring. I especially enjoyed when I was teaching and she participated as a student– I was filled up with feelings of her love for yoga practice, which made me really happy.
As Victoria points out in her Blogasana women arrived with painted nails, tight jeans and dismissive attitudes about yoga. Luckily, our short sequence was not intimidating, in fact it was incredibly relaxing and informative!
While I was really nervous to do this, I was not so nervous as to back out. Sometimes when I get nervous about doing things that I haven’t done before or going places I have never been before, I simply cancel; the thought, in this case did not cross my mind. I want to remain close to the connection I have with my yoga practice, which includes teaching others. Naturally, I think, the more I do, the richer every aspect of my yoga practice will be. I am also very grateful to have Victoria, for whom I am excited to continue to work with and practice with.