Negotiation Cancellation

by allthingsace

On Monday I wrote the post, “Race to Blame Teachers,” which I just posted this morning. In that post I am strongly suggesting that we take another look at the structure of teacher’s unions and no give up on negotiations. After the incident in Central Falls, the teacher’s unions charged the school with unfair labor practice charges which include:
-Failing to Bargain
-Refusing to Provide Information (for their individual firing, aside from the sweeping generalization that underperformance is a direct result of teachers, that not a basis enough for fire)
and, in the same vein,
-Issuing Unfair Termination

With these charges in mind, school administrators in Central Falls planned to meet with teachers to discuss the firings. However, the meeting was cancelled apparently due to the fact that the high school auditorium does not meet legal standards for being handicapped-accessible. Read Here
In response to the cancellation, students, family and friends held a vigil in support of the fired teachers.
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Despite this cancellation, I am optimistic. I think even talk of bringing the union and Gallo, as well as the rest of the school administration back to the negotiating table is a step in the right direction.
Maybe, Obama should get on the mic, back Gallo up like he did last time and hold her hand all the way to the negotiating table.