Wanted: Facebook Danger PSA

by allthingsace

My friend in San Francisco works for Gawker, which I have known for quite sometime. However, today I actually scanned the site for some interesting “New Media” news. I found a piece about misplaced facebook messages!
Aside from the obnoxious internet grammar, I was really disturbed by the tormenting relationship banter, i.e.

i kno thatsprobly hard know cuz u still think im a jerk and all but il do it anyway ok uhm igtg sorry that was soo long ha thats just all i got left to say about this and i dont want to talk about it anymore if its going to make u and me argue so if we talk about any of it remind me so i dont argue wit u 🙂 ha so yea uhm ill always be here and im still ganna call u everyyy night to say good night and make sure u r ok 🙂 so ill ttyl


sorry i dont know how to spell but i know you give great mesages and i would love one and better yet i would love to give you one with ur bra off like i did that one time so it looked like you were tanning but ur bra was still on cause i felt that it kinda helped a little an dit made me feel good and important and 🙂

Gross. I predict the result of these sorts of messages by our local ad council will resemble this recent campaign against “Textual Abuse.”