Happy Women’s Month

by allthingsace

There are two superficial reasons I am pointing to Indra Devi as my National Women’s Month woman; first, the obvious reason, she is a woman and second she is a yogi. According to Wikipedia, Devi, trained as an actress, and left Europe for India when she was 28. Her fancy for the East, since the age of 15 drove her to change her name to Indra Devi and begin a life of acting in Indian films.
Her greatest claim to fame is her discipleship to Krishnamacharya. She was admitted into his school in 1937, making her the first woman (and a Westerner at that) to be admitted. She joined the ranks of Krishnamacharya’s other disciples, including, BKS Iyengar, TKV Desikacher and Pattabhi Jois (wink, wink YTT).
Devi, inspirational and adventurous; no doubt her strong, steadfast yoga practice kept her around for over 100 years, as she spread yoga practice across the globe. Now, her studios can be found in Buenos Aries(I really love the music playing in the background of this site).

Maybe Caroline P. could translate this for us. It sounds like Spanish.