New Toys

by allthingsace

I am going to buy an iPod! This could not come at a better time, considering I have a long road trip ahead of me; I am going home to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving!
This is the model I have my eyeballs on:

I also found an interesting article about music and yoga. The best thing about yoga is that everything is always explicitly two ways. This blogger writes that music is good sometimes, but sometimes stillness and breath are all the rhythm you need.
I like when she states,

Sometimes it feels like the room (or maybe me) could use a bit of a musical lift and so I pull my iPod out. I also love live chanting so I weave that into the beginning and end of class as often as I can. I love going to yoga classes with music and without. So I guess I would say I am firmly planted somewhere… in the middle.

I could agree with that, on days like yesterday any sounds beyond that of air going in and out through my nose would have been completely overwhelming. Being overwhelmed without a way out amidst practice can completely ruin me. In any case this was an interesting post from the Yoga Journal. Also at the end it includes a link to some playlists, inspiration anyone?