Dear Mimi,

by allthingsace

It has been very difficult this past week to tend to all that is asked of us for our training. I have reached for my phone to call you on two separate occasions. The first time I noticed I did not have your number and thought to myself that I should check through my e-mails for it, and if it was not there then just e-mail you for it. The second time, your number still was not there, that is because I did not check my e-mail or e-mail you to inquire about your number. Why did I think I had done that. Mimi, I need your phone number and I will e-mail you right now for it.

Otherwise, I was on a strong practice schedule until Wednesday. On Wednesday I went to Eyes to practice with my friend. We went to a fundamentals class, which was very helpful. I remember thinking during the class that I would really like to reflect on what I learned about teaching in that class, but alas by the time class was over there were suddenly millions of things to attend to. Sometimes I want to throw my phone out of my car window.

Mimi, if I did not have a phone would people’s problems go away?
If I did not have a phone would people still want to see me?
If I did not have a phone would people be willing to come to my house, knock on my door and speak to my face?
Who knows? Thought I would ask anyway.

However, Thursday morning I was glad to have a phone because Tom called to see if I would babysit his dogs for the weekend. Not only did this mean I would be able to leave Providence for the weekend, but it also meant I could leave work early to go introduce myself to the dogs.

I had planned on Thursday being my day off this week because there were many things going on in the evening. (By the way, the evening, I have decided is the best time for my practice. I come home after work and just do it, it is the only way. Except of course for the days I do not go to work, I am still figuring that out.)

After Tom called on Thursday I said to my roommate:
“I love dog sitting,” to that he replied, “have you ever done it before?”
I thought for a moment, “Well no, but I’ve cat sit and I like dogs better than cats.”
My roommate laughed at that and then walked into the living room. I guess that logic was sound enough.

Thursday I had a night out with some of my wonderful derby friends, which pretty much wiped me out for Friday when I left for Tom’s house and settled in for the weekend.
A bit of reading was accomplished on Friday, but I did no practice no reading, no nothing on Saturday. It makes me think that no matter what, Saturday should be my day off. I seem to always get immensely distracted on the first day away from work.

What did happen on Saturday though was very wonderful. I woke up with the dogs and drove them to Westerly to go to the beach. This was the result of trying to drive to a park Tom had specified and then driving too far south. I am glad it ended up that way, it is nice to see the ocean in a season other than summer.
Wonderment in picture form will post soon!

All of my complaining about not practicing, and my endless circling thoughts about why and how to do it better next time aside; today I was able to commit a substantial amount of time to reading and practice. For that I am happy.

Mimi, I hope you are happy. I hope today was a good yoga day for you, and that tomorrow is even better. I look forward to receiving your phone number.

Love Always,