Soy Yog(a)urt Diaries

by allthingsace

I asked facebook: Soy Yogurt, thoughts? feelings?

Donna Marie: its okay…but can’t beat Greek Gods yogurt in honey flavor. tastes like cheese cake.

Kimberly Caron:
lovin’ the aussie stuff lately too…

Mary Smith: Thank you for the suggestion…I will try that!

Joni Johnson: Women should use caution eating soy as it contains a natural hormone that emulates estrogen. Some dr’s believe estrogen increase is a link to breast cancer. The lowest fast and huge protein option is SKYR which is Icelandic. Eat the plain and you are doing your body a huge favor!

Donna Marie: omg Skyr ROCKS it has the most grams of protein per serving than any other yogurt on the market.

Benjamin Terry:
oh mary, if i come home and there is no room in the refrigerator for my high lifes and bacon, there will be trouble…

Mary Smith: panties still in a twist, eh?

Kimberly Caron: muah hahaha. cranky ben.

Benjamin Terry: nothing worse than twisty panties. they’ll mess up your whole day.

Kimberly Caron: maybe you should find a more comfy pair…

Donna Lee Parenti Gennaro: probably helps those with lactose intolerance…other than that..yuk

Danielle Ruckus: Since I am vegan its the only yogurt I eat. Make sure if you get soy yogurt that it has active cultures in it and don’t eat it every day: too much of anything including soy is bad for you. I like silk vanilla: it is awesome to use in muffins and its a ( ingredient to make vegan french toast!

Mary Smith: this is officially the most interactive post. xoxo

Charlotte Thomas-Davison: i cant believe this topic has gotten such a big response. people are really passionate about yogurt.

Benjamin Terry:
seems only fitting that a post about yogurt would be this active.

Kimberly Caron: Oh active yogurt cultures. Keepin’ us busy.

Corinne Wahlberg: delicious. but, yeah too much of soy is not so good. but then again, too much of anything isn’t good. right?

Cate Morin: Ruckus- You’re really missing out on fishsticks and nachos. 😉

Mary Smith: Soy Sticks? Soychos?