Tent Cities

by allthingsace

The New York Times article entitled, “Homeless Families Increasing, U.S. Finds” reports that on Thursday the Department of Housing and Urban Development released a study that finds the number of homeless families is increasing, an immediate effect of the economic crisis.
About a week ago my roommate and I took a ride around the city. After passing one of the tent cities under the highway, we began searching for more sites silently, in tandem. First she led the way, then I rode ahead until we found another one.
I had noticed the tent city under 195 earlier in the summer. When I had first bought my camera that was the first project I wanted to give myself. However, out of respect for the fact that these are people’s homes I decided not to make a project out of their lifestyle. Instead, I ride creepily along their neighborhood at all hours of the night, stoked on curiosity.
Then I saw this article on Hope City yesterday. I am still sifting through the crust of comments. My own thoughts on the article itself remain to be seen.