by allthingsace

This morning when I was cleaning the trash from the weekend out of my car I found an object that is a jar/tube hybrid. I put it in the small console that is actually an ashtray. When I think of it as an ashtray I want to smoke a whole pack in my car just to fill it up, instead I try to fill it with non-ashtray things; bobby pins, rogue flowers, keys. This morning I put the hybrid in the ashtray, uh, console.
I was driving but I was still sleepy. The thought of a dead bug in this hybrid became an entomological fantasy and lasted about 2 minutes.
Later on, whilst I put all of my shoes in a row, I found a dead butterfly on the floor. I thought it appeared really sad and really beautiful. This thought surprised me and before I knew it I was gently lifting up the insect by its wings with forceps, cradling it into the hybrid. Now sitting on my window sill is a tangible entomological fantasy.